Recent Seminars, Conferences and Additional Legal Training

Representative Recent Seminars and Conferences:

Collaborative Law Training 11/11 & 11/12/05

Lessons Learned from Trials of the Century  1/20/06

Annual Family Law Update 3/31/06

Education for Attorneys in Child Custody Matters               8/17/06 & 8/18/06

Hot Topics in Domestic Violence 9/8/06

Child Clients are Different:  Best Practices for              Representing Unaccompanied Minors 3/6/07

Criminal Law Seminar 3/5/07

Mediation of Child Custody & Visitation Issues  4/13/07

Annual Law Day Professionalism Forum 5/2/07

Probate Guardian ad Litem training 6/8/07

Illinois Juvenile Law & Practice Update 12/7/07

Professionalism and Current Issues Facing the Legal Profession  6/19/08

Child Interviewing:   Tips, Techniques and Special Considerations to Effectively Interview Children in Different Legal Settings  11/7/08

Bankruptcy as it Relates to Divorce 4/25/09

The Child as a Witness 5/1/09