One of the happiest times time a person’s or couple’s lives is the adoption of a child. Illinois law is very specific when it comes to adoption and any deviation from the required process can lead to delay or denial of the adoption. Goldstein and Associates is experienced in securing the adoption of children as swiftly and smoothly as possible.

Generally speaking, there are two types of adoption: related and unrelated. Related adoption is just that – the adoption of a person (usually a child, but occasionally an adult) who is related to the potential adoptive parent by blood or marriage. There are fewer restrictions for a related adoption but proper notice and procedure must still be followed. Notice to the biological parents is necessary when the child is a minor, and is still preferable when the person to be adopted is over the age of 18.

An unrelated adoption is a legal proceeding where the child (or adult) to be adopted is not related to the adoptive parent(s) by either blood or marriage. There is a minimum 6 month wait after the Petition for Adoption is filed before an unrelated adoption can be finalized.

While the adoption proceedings are pending, the Court will usually order temporary custody if the subject of the adoption is a child. Additionally, whether or not an adoption agency is involved, a guardian ad litem (GAL) will also be appointed. The GAL will meet with the potential adoptive parent(s) and child as well as any other persons deemed necessary for a full background check, and may visit with the parties in their home. Attorney Judy Goldstein is experienced in adoption cases. She has also served in the capacity of court appointed GAL in numerous related and unrelated adoption cases, including adoptions of multiple children and children from foreign countries.

Even when an adoption agency is involved, proper legal representation is necessary to assure that the adoption process progresses smoothly and efficiently. To discuss adoption issues and rights, please contact Goldstein & Associates online or by calling (708) 479-0800.