Mediation as an Alternative to Litigation

MediationMediation is a dispute resolution process where the parties attempt to reach agreements with the assistance of a neutral third person - the mediator. The mediator does not advocate for either side but rather facilitates negotiation between the participants.

The mediator's job is to help the clients explore options and obtain information so that they can reach an agreement that will work for both of them. The mediator facilitates the process but the parties and not the mediator make the decisions. The mediator helps the parties deal with the difficult moments that are a normal part of the mediation process. All discussions conducted during the mediation session are confidential and the mediator cannot be called to court to testify for or against either party.

Judy Goldstein's legal background is helpful in the mediation process. However, she does not represent either participant and cannot give legal advice during the mediation process. Furthermore, as mediator, she must not have represented or consulted with either party in her capacity as attorney and cannot later act as either party's legal counsel.

As mediator, Ms. Goldstein must be able to see all sides of a controversy. She understands that mediation in such challenging times requires an understanding beyond the mere application of the law. She has been successful in helping many families mediate solutions to their difficult problems.

At Goldstein & Associates/Law Offices-Mediation Center, we believe the negotiated outcome, and not a judge's ruling, is the preferred solution. Mediation allows the parties maximum participation in the outcome of their own case.

All discussions and documents related to mediation are considered confidential and are not admissible evidence in a courtroom. The emotional and financial costs of mediation are generally less than those associated with litigation of family related issues, particularly since mediation time is spent outside the presence of the attorneys. (Note, however, that the parties are always encouraged to discuss their decisions with their respective attorneys. Further, the attorneys and not the mediator are responsible for drafting any court orders which reflect the agreements entered into by the parties.)

Goldstein & Associates/Law Offices-Mediation Center

We have created a warm, casual and comfortable atmosphere that encourages free dialogue and successful resolution. Over the years, our mediation practice has grown because of increased interest in mediation (rather than litigation,) strong word-of-mouth recommendations and referrals from our clients and professionals within the community.

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