Real Estate

There is far more to the purchase or sale of real estate than most people realize.

Buyers need to know all about their potential purchase or retain the services of an experienced legal representative who knows what facts to examine and what questions to ask. It could be disastrous for a purchaser to learn too late that there are serious problems with their new property. The time to avoid and/or eliminate those problems is before title changes hands. Examples of problems which can be addressed prior to purchase are tax liens or liability, unknown or undiscovered easements which could prevent the intended use of the land, encroachment on the property by a neighbor, and defects such as flooding or insect infestation. Retaining a knowledge attorney as soon as possible, and preferably even before the real estate contract has been signed, is wise and cost efficient. The attorney’s fees are very reasonable, especially when compared to the potential loss and the value of the purchase. The attorney can oversee all aspects of the transaction. The attorney, unlike the real estate agent or realtor, puts the client’s interests above the ultimate purchase and is therefore in a better position to advise the purchaser concerning what is in his or best interests – with no pressure accept terms before they are fully examined.

Just as an attorney is beneficial to a buyer, the seller is also well served by hiring an experienced attorney early in the transaction. The attorney can offer counsel and advice even before the listing agreement is signed by the seller. The seller’s attorney is charged with the preparation of all documents needed for a successful transfer of title from the seller to the buyer. Additionally, the seller’s attorney, if retained early, can review the offer to purchase and make changes and revisions which are beneficial and often money saving, to the seller. Furthermore, the attorney’s fees are generally far lower than the commission paid to real estate agents or realtors, and the attorney has no interest in the transaction outside the best interests of the client. The primary goal of the real estate agent or realtor, on the other hand, while a valuable member of the team, is to ensure that the property is sold, frequently without regard to events leading up to the sale or how certain circumstances can affect the financial and legal risks of the parties to the transaction.

Whether you are buying or selling – or both – the earlier you involve your attorney in the transaction, the smoother and easier it will be for you, whether you are buying or selling or both.. You can trust our office to expertly handle the transaction for you. Contact us online or call us at (708) 479-0800 to arrange for Goldstein & Associates to represent you in your next real estate transaction.